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We are Sofia and Luís and we love to travel around the world seeking catchy stories in unexpected places.

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our story

We in our home at Maputo, Mozambique

We in our home at Maputo, Mozambique

Viajar a Dois means two people who travel together and share the travel. We started this site because we believe that experiences must be shared and we wanted to show how easy and amazing traveling is.

Our main focus is the traveler and is for him that we write for. In addition to useful information such as where to sleep, what to visit, tips and guides, we have a section with stories ('change the world') that makes the delights of those who love genuine stories.

A sneak peack about us

We've been working in audiovisual, magazines and newspaper industry for years. Intuitives, resourcefuls, creatives, enterprising journalist, possessing a significant background in delivering a variety of communication solutions. We are also results-oreinted social media managers seeking freelance jobs where we can apply our knowledge and skeels for professional grow.

Some highlights about our past jobs:

  • Luís was a tv-show author and host

  • Both are the creaters of an magazine with interviews and stories with very well-know portugueses persons

  • We move to Mozambique to work in the documentaries industry

  • We changed our lifes to do a trip around the world

  • We consider ourselfs mainly digital nomads


Our work

What we can do for you

Motivational stories, breathtaking photography and memorable videos bring to your product or brand the reach, reputation and recognition you want to achieve. Through our knowledge of SEO we can ensure that your campaign lasts in time.


our audience

Our audience is based in: 

50% Portuguese
50% Brazilian

Our audience is predominantly:

Female - 55%
Male - 45%

Our audience is mostly: 

18-35 years of age

Our audience is:

Desire impact


work with us

Right now, we are running our website mainly in portuguese. This is an amazing opportunity to target more than 220 million native speakers with your brand.

Where Is Portuguese Spoken?

Portuguese is an official language in ten countries, including Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Macau, Cape Verde, and São Tomé and Príncipe.

How Many People Speak Portuguese?

Portuguese is estimated to have between 215 and 220 million native speakers and 260 million total speakers. It’s the sixth most natively spoken language in the world.


what our clients say

Please have a look at this lovely short film by Viajar a Dois about the AEPGA and what they do for the Burro Mirandese
The impact of our work beautifully followed on camera. Muito obrigado Luís, Sofia for the amazing work and ❤️ to our kids and Project
— @favela-united

let's work together

If you liked what you read do not hesitate and contact us. Exist a lot of ways that we can explore together to help you grow awareness and drive sales. Every case is unique. What is really important to us is authenticity, because ours readers trust our voices.

Our rates and full media kit are available upon request